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WONI Advertising

Rates & Statistics

Radio Ad Schedule & Rates

WONI Ads are placed in a program format that runs every four hours. The duration of each ad is between 30 to 60 seconds. WONI Radio is for the most part a music format. Our audience spends most of their time listening to the genres played on WONI Radio while performing various tasks and while traveling, thus, a long term duration of listening time is the result.

The ad program times (slots) are: 1:50 am, 5:50 am, 9:50 am, 1:50 pm, 5:50 pm & 9:50pm. Ads run every day except during our "Songs For The Sabbath" music format which runs from 7:00 pm Friday evening to 9:00 pm Saturday evening. This allows for listeners in various countries to participate in the Sabbath.

Daily Ad Slots (six per day) are $30.00. The minimum time block of six days is $180.00.


Ad Spots on the WONI RADIO APP are available. This is great for listeners who have the WONI RADIO ANDROID or iPHONE APP. To order your Ad Spot on the APP, click on the button below.

Sponsor A WONI Newsletter

Sponsor a WONI Newsletter. $15.00 an edition. Your sponsored ad will have an image, a brief product  description and a link to your website or social media page.

Sponsor A Program

Sponsor a monthly program. $50.00 a program. Your business will be mentioned or an audio will be played acknowledging you as the sponsor at the beginning of the program

Email Campaigns

Full Page Email Campaign -2 to 3 images and or video with text and a link to a website, blog or social media page, $19.99 per campaign. 

Collection Email Campaign - A collection campaign (4 or 6 ads), is shared with various music artists, and/or various consumer products and services. Each ad consists of an image or video with text and links to a website, blog or social media page. $4.99 per ad per campaign.

How To Submit a Business Video From Your Cell Phone

Here are the steps to create and submit a business video by using your cell phone:

Create a script for your video. You can use or change the sample script below:

"Hello my name is (__________________________)

and my business is called (___________________________________)"

Create a short 15 to 30 second description of your business:





End your video like this:

"Visit my website (or social media page) at www._________________________________________

For more Details, contact me at (phone number or email address)_______________________________

Visit my placement at the WONI MARKET PLACE."


Send your video file to marketplace.woni@gmail. Use to send your video file.