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Is the Spirit of Division a form of judgement on the House of Israel?

This is the time when Israel, the 'Whole House of Israel' comes together, in repentance, atonement, reconciliation and unity.

But I see so much anger and hostility, separation and division; assemblies and groups, even marriages and friendships breaking up.

I see selfishness instead of humility; ego instead of submission.

When do we loose our focus on ourselves and focus totally on the most High YAH as a nation?

When do we draw our attention to who YAH is and focus less on what camp or assembly we belong to or the name of the group that we are in?

Maybe we are scattering ourselves. Maybe YAH is allowing us to scatter ourselves into fragments, pieces so that HE can build us up all over again ' from the inside out'.

Maybe knowledge is not enough. Could it be that 'knowledge' is what is tearing us apart?

Maybe it's not what's in our head but what's in our heart that really matters.

Maybe it's not ha Satan that's dividing us. Maybe 'WE' are dividing ourselves because of the condition of our heart.

Many of us just went through a day of repentance and we are also going through The Day of ATONEMENT. How can we gather for the Feast of Tabernacles when we are still divided? How can we dwell in HIM when we can't dwell with each other?

How can we reconcile with YAH when we can't reconcile with each other in our own assemblies and with other assemblies?

What will it really take for all of us, including myself to really become


Let us all walk in humility, obedience, trust, repentance and forgiveness. This is the only way we can walk in Unity. The fate of Israel and the fate of the world is on us.

Craig - 1 Nation Israel

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