Music Message Mondays

Music Message Mondays- Psalm 105:2 KJV 2 Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works.

Daud Aur Yahudy – I do


“Meditating on what Yahusha done for me; My thoughts on the things he fulfilled and what Love Truly means

Don’t make me to poor that I steel; don’t make me too rich that I forget you; keep me perfectly balanced in your Perfect will.

Don’t let a second chance puff me up; rubies and treasures don’t mean a thing; if I forget the foundation of Our Love.


For every commandment that you made I say (I do)

All of the Judgments you proclaimed I say (are true)

Yahuah This agreement of our love I say (I do)

Delighting to do your will to fulfill My Love.”

Daud Aur Yahudy

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Much Love Majxsty

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