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Music Message Mondays- Psalm 105:2 KJV2 Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works.

ABBA YAH has chosen!!! the debate is over!!!

If the other nations don’t believe… fine

If some our own people don’t believe… fine

We are not being awakened to debate and convince anyone of who we are.

ABBA YAH is awakening and revealing to the world who HE has chosen.

We are Hebrews. We are Israelites. We are YAH’s chosen people.

It’s our season to wake up, and get back to the covenant we have with ABBA YAH.

It’s our season to prove to (YAH) not to the world that we can walk in righteousness.

It’s our season to be keeping YAH’s laws, statutes and commandments.

It’s our season children of THE MOST HIGH YAH!!! wake up, get up, and let’s get to work!


YAH restoring health to you,

YAH is healing all our wounds

Called outcast, was so abused

Zion… the world hates you

Hear Yah’s message to you

He will turn it around for you

He knows how you’ve been used

He’s kept track of who wronged you

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Much Love Majxsty

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