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Playing Various Styles of Music For Various Tastes

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Shalom and Shalawam

1NationIsrael Internet Radio is one of few, if not the only Internet radio station that plays various styles of music designed exclusively for Israelites who identify with the 12 tribes of Israel.

The genres and styles of music contain biblical and scriptural lyrics that minister to our spirit and inspire our soul.

You may hear the name Jesus from time to time, however, our main focus is the original Hebrew name of Ahayah, Yahshua, Yahuah, Yahawah and other variations.

Our goal is not to divide but unite all twelve tribes through music that praises, glorifies and edifies "The Most High".

The awesome thing about 1NationIsrael is - WE ARE ONLINE!!!

That means you can listen 24/7 anytime - anywhere; across the country and around the world.

You can listen from your computer, laptop, iPad, Notepad, etc.

Listen at home, mount your cell phone in your car and listen on your way to work, on your way home or whenever you travel.

Enjoy contemporary songs of praise when you wake up or listen to music that will minister to you in the evening.

From the beginning of the Sabbath, all through the day and to the end, 1NationIsrael is there to fill in the gaps of your Torah study time or set the tone for your personal prayer and meditation time with The Father.

You will also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Other forms of social media like Pinterest and Instagram are on the way. The best way is to bookmark our website at 1NationIsrael.com and listen anytime.

So join the Nation!!!

Go to the top of the website and subscribe. Don't forget to share 1NationIsrael with family and friends.

Help us bring the nation together by making a donation of any size. The smallest donation goes a long way. We are determined to develop a web environment to meet the needs of the 12 tribes.

So join us everyday; any day and listen to continuous music on 1NationIsrael.com.

Be Blessed,

Brother Craig.

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