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Sisi On Air F/Jay Casey and 6 Zeros

Meet Jay Casey, the founder and CEO of 6ZEROS, a new online community that gives Black people a chance to talk amongst one another without fear of suppression or racial harassment. Many sites claim to provide space for Black self-expression but are quick to suspend, ban, or mute users when their opinion centers around Black empowerment. These same sites often allow anti-Black hatred to go unchecked, leaving Black users feeling ignored and disrespected. Jay founded 6ZEROS in August 2021 to give Black people an opportunity to engage in unfiltered discourse related to current events, culture, technology, relationships, and more. In addition to being an online community, 6ZEROS also produces original content such as articles, educational videos, and podcasts that highlight topics relevant to the Black experience. It’s launch has already brought a lot of positive feedback with one user saying, “This is part of us owning and controlling our narratives and content. Kudos to all of you who started this.” The term 6ZEROS derives from Hex

Color Code, where six zeros in sequence represent the purest form of black (#000000). The site’s slogan “Be on code, in code” calls for unity while making reference to the name’s origin. To learn more, visit the site at

Much Love Majxsty

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