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The Inconvenience of Conveniences

Shalom and all praises to the Most High Yah, my Elohim:

Just thinking:

The longer I live, the more I realize that the more "convenient" something seems, the more "inconvenient" the byproducts of it’s use may become. Even when I read that statement, it sounds like double talk. So let me phrase it differently: Without fail, there seems to be a backlash or price to pay with the use of what is termed “modern day conveniences.”

Here are a few for instances:

Calculators – no one is going to say calculators or not appreciated gadgets...whether it sits on your desk at work or you use the one that is an App on your phone. Yet with its continued use, many of us who could easily figure in our heads previously, now find it taxing to do the simplest equations without our little helpers. (Now I’m not talking about savants or geniuses), just us regular people. You think we may have lost something here along the way?

Microwave ovens – such a convenience...saves time...a definite spoiler. Yet, most of us become weaker physically with its continued use and find ourselves at a deficit with vital nutrients. Why? Glad you asked. You see, each time you use a microwave, the radiation (yes radiation), destroys at least half of the nutrients and other vital elements we need to get from the food we eat. Not to mention it causes a significant decrease in white blood and red blood count and the production of radiolytic compounds in the blood. It’s frequencies negatively affects the heart and elevates the blood sugar levels. And if your microwave is not working properly, or is just old, it can emit radiation at levels higher than what your dentist provides a shield for when you have x-rays during exams.

Then there are the plastic water bottles – I won't go into that – too much to cover here.

But another "for instance” I have to mention is:

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and all SMART devices - we all know their benefits. I must admit that I myself, as well as most of the known world, have utilized these wonderful devices which have become the very icons of modern living. Yet, these SMART handy devices have a backlash that is threefold in my estimation, actually four. I count political and privacy backlashes, but I won't go into that either...too much to explain here:

1. Socially – believe it or not, before the corona virus pandemic we were already predisposed to “social distancing.” Most, if they answered honestly, would rather be alone with their personal cell phones than interacting with others. Cell phones provide many distractions: games, notifications, messages, as well as the noble uses such as receiving very important phone calls, keeping in touch with our spouses, children, significant others and customers, etc. (the noble list goes on and offers validation to use a device actually more divisive than Aides or the common cold). If most of us are honest, we would have to admit that we have developed a “soul tie” to our phones that only strong self-discipline with the help of the Most High can manage or break…well that is another subject for another time.

2. The physical backlash - the impact can be objectively measured. Consider statistics that show the rise in prostate and breast cancer, commensurate with the introduction of cell phones, that initially people just kept in their pockets or quickly hid in their bosom, (well it’s true). Statistics also show an increase in brain tumors at almost epidemic proportions; as well as other tumors and cancers. And now something else to strongly consider is the ability of electromagnetic waves that are “precious” (to be said with inflections like that little weird guy from Lord of the Rings), that SMART devices are emitting which are known to cause lack of focus and concentration; endocrine disruption that can lead to things like diabetes and the weakening of the immune system that predisposes us to things like viruses and auto-immune diseases. Believe me, now that I know these things, I cringe every time I see a small child playing with a cell phone or other SMART devices because I know that thing is emitting so much radiation and the child is receiving so many electromagnetic waves that its use could affect the regular development of their little bodies...including sperm quality and count with little boys and dna damage to eggs with little girls...not to mention other things we "Don’t" know about yet. These are factual findings, and I will put some of the information from studies that I have personally read and presentations I have viewed at the end of this article.

3. And finally, the spiritual backlash: - this I find to be extremely important as well; not saying the other observations are not. I think all of us modern users have to ask ourselves or should (I think), what place does your cell phone, computer or other SMART device have in your life? Is it more important to you than talking to friends and family? Do you check it more than you consult with Yah? When you first wake up in the morning, do you check it before you talk to the Creator, or the Savior, or the Ruach Ha Qodesh?

If you went somewhere and left it behind (and for the sake of fairness let’s say you were in a situation where reaching you was not an issue and everyone you basically needed to reach for emergencies, etc. was with you), would you have a longing for that cell phone? Would you miss it? Would it call to you?

Now after you answer these questions honestly, ask yourself again: What place does this phone have in my life? Have I given it…first place?

Mind you I’m no scientist or theologian. These are just the musings of a simple housewife…and perhaps your own.

In closing I would say:

In this climate of modernization and technological advancement...generally speaking...we rush headlong to embrace every new thing that makes life easier; does something quicker; or is said to “save time” or "effort." Granted, this is one of the bases for a modern society to advance, to streamline processes that enable faster production, quicker service, rapid response, etc. No waiting for a good home cooked meal, no waiting till we can afford something before we buy it, no waiting to obtain the prize while we achieve the goal, no waiting, no waiting, no waiting…but! If we raise our children like that, imagine the dysfunction, lack of wisdom, lack of the development of ‘Patience’ and all of her accompanying benefits and virtues.

Yet as adults, we seem to be following less and less the very guidelines we want our children to learn and live by so that they can become “well rounded” disciplined individuals and have possession of the understanding that good things really do come to those who wait for the appropriate time and make the right preparations. We want them to know it is a fact that, in the market place of life, we are constantly exchanging something we may value for something we need or we make choices that forgo an immediate want to achieve a “higher” goal with long term benefits. Hopefully…

Yet there are so many things we get or do to save time; however, I wonder why it seems we don’t have any extra time? Where did all that "saved" time go? What did we do with it? Did someone steal it from us? Can we get it back?

Once again, mind you, these are the musings of a simple housewife…and maybe they're your own.

All praises to the Most High Yahuah. I pray that these thoughts have been a blessing to you. I know they have been to me. Shalom.



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