Trust Tuesday Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that YAHUAH is good: Black Owned Business

Updated: Feb 1

Trust Tuesday Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that YAHUAH is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Trust The Most High YAHUAH to provide

The Inspiration

The inspiration of Herb’N Eden stemmed from being involved in the farmer’s market culture. We were introduced to the culture through our internship at Urban Sprout Farms, which showed us a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Growing plants is such a valuable skill and my time doing that skill had me yearning to learn a new skill of my own. So I like to think that Herb’N Eden began with the curiosity for a craft!

From the first batch of handmade botanical soap, a true calling was revealed. The ability to add herbs & plant oils to soap was an even greater revelation. From there, we were inspired to dive into the world of soap-making and skincare.

We use soap everyday to clean our hair and skin and it doesn’t have to be chock full of artificial ingredients; the simpler the better. Herb’N Eden values self-sustainability, which starts with SELF-maintenance. Maintain beautiful healthy skin, with all-natural ingredients from our plant friends.

To be as natural as possible, we do not use any fragrance oils, or toxic ingredients like phthalates & parabens in our products. We include only therapeutic grade essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits. Fragrance oils lack any therapeutic benefits and they are typically full of unknown ingredients that are prone to irritate sensitive skin.

Our mission is to create holistic bath and body products that help maintain skin health. Our products are made with botanical ingredients that are known to do just that! We strive to empower others with an alternative to the commercial brands we grew up on. Since our our products are hand-made, each one is unique, just as we all are!

Our all-natural products are plant-based, beneficial for all skin types, handcrafted, and non-toxic. Since the beginning of civilization herbs have aided in self-healing, so let your soap be your medicine and your medicine be your soap.

Much Love Majxsty

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