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 Jeremiah 50:4-6 | Ezekiel 37:22 | Matthew 10:6-7 | Matthew 15:24 

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Market Place

Have A Business? We Have Room For You

Have A Business?

We Have Room For You

Place an image or a video of your business or enterprise and a written description placed here along with a link to your website and social media, your email address and phone number.

Welcome to the WONI Market Place

The WONI Market Place is an exclusive Internet marketing platform where Hebrew Israelites can buy and sell products and services.

Bags, Clothes $ Accessories
Bibles, Books & Literature
Business & Financial Services
Computer Software & Applications
Dolls, Gifts & Novelties
Education & Training
Emergency, Preparedness & Survival
Food, Herbs & Produce
Music & Media
Personal Care & Beauty Products
Travel, Event & Vacation Services

Synergistic Marketing

Traditional African Head Wrap

Promoting your business to the Hebrew Israelite community wherever Internet and Cell phone Technology is utilized.

Audio Streaming

Your audio ad streamed during WONI Radio Internet broadcasts. You can create your own ad,  or submit a clean & professional ad via the WONI SHOUT OUT. For a nominal fee WONI Radio can produce your audio ad.

Cell Phone Marketing

Streamed ads are heard via the WONI Radio app on Android and Apple. SMS notifications can be placed and sent to our listeners in the US and over 40 countries.

email marketing

Marketing campaigns via the WONI Newsletter, your exclusive business offer and updates.

social media marketing

Digital ads can be sent to our WONI Facebook & Twitter pages. Links can be provided to you to place on other social media pages by you.

video marketing

Insert your YouTube video or any compatible video link onto your WONI Market Place listing. Short videos can also be inserted into email marketing & social media campaigns. For a nominal fee WONI Radio can produce a short video ad for you.




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